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Real Name: Amy Webber
Wrestling Name: Amy Webber
Hometown: Los Angeles, California (Originally Illinois)
Date of Birth: July 2nd, 1972
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 106 Lbs
Marital Status: Engaged/Married (According to Entertainment Tonight)

Promotions Worked For: WWE (2004-2005)

Notable Feuds: Joy Giovanni

Amy Webber is an actress/model that found herself in the 2004 WWE RAW Diva Search competition after appearing in such TV shows as the failed spin-off of General Hospital called Port Charles. She didn't win, but she impressed the WWE enough to be given a contract regardless.

Her stay in wrestling, however, was short. Amy became the butt of many pranks and ribs by the wrestlers. One in particular saw JBL pass out fliers on a plane trip that showed Amy Webber as a stripper in Japan. As a result, Amy gave her notice and was written off of TV instantly.

Amy still acts and models. In May 2009 she gave birth to twins, called Levi and Madison Grace.


During an interview in October 2009, when asked why she left WWE, she said: "I left on account of pure harassment and being treated like a piece of dirt by some of the male wrestlers for no reason. I am actually a very sweet person. Yes, I played a "heel" for WWE but that is not my personality. I go out of my way to help others and a few of the guys made my decision to leave very easy. If they treated someone like that in the real world, they would be fired without question but are allowed to get away with nonsense in the WWE." Later in the interview she called Randy Orton a "dirtbag" during word association.


December 2012 brought the premiere of “Crossroad” – an edgy, faith-based feature film which Amy produced and co-stars in “Crossroad” has received 5 prestigious Dove Foundation Awards for its strong and inspiring message of redemption, forgiveness, and faith and has been picked up for theatrical and DVD releases.


She is also a popular host, and has been seen in a number of popular projects, including an exciting reality-based adventure series called “Getaway”, and USA Network’s hit series called “Tens”, a variety show centered around the beach, as well as specials, segments, and live events for a number of networks.


Amy’s latest venture involves burning up the music charts. Her newest single “Dance of Life” featuring Superstar Sean Kingston which was released this month. She is also making plans to tour in 2014. The single is already garnering her International attention and accolades. She won the Akademia Award in the”Best Song”category as well as the HMMA award for “Best Dance Song.” Her previous single “Let it Rain” was released in 2012. The song shot up the Music Week Charts in the U.K., climbing to #6 in less than two weeks. In the U.S., “Let it Rain” Landed on the Billboard Top 40 Charts. Her prior hit single “Something Kinda Ooh” was named one of the top 100 Dance songs of 2010 alongside Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Amy has collaborated with Grammy winners Jackie Boyz, The Klubjumpers, as well as Madonna’s personal DJ, the world famous Tracy Young.


But music is far from the only thing on Amy’s busy plate. Her work as an actress on film and television sets served as an introduction to the art of producing, and she decided that one way to make certain that she could make her voice heard would be to create the stories she wanted to tell.


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