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Wrestler: Lovely Lacey
Birthday: April 27, 1983
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Resides in Philadelphia, PA
Billed from The Doll House (old) and from Minneapolis
Height & Weight: 5'6" - 139 lbs
Trained by: Eddie Sharkey
Debut: August 2000
Previous Gimmicks: Lacey, White Magic
Finishing Move: Float-Over, Implant DDT
Favorite Moves: The Lung-blower, The German Suplex,
Spinning Heel Kick, TKO
Notable Feuds: Rain, ODB, Sherri Martel, Daizee Haze, B.J. Whitmer


Lacey (born April 27, 1983) is an American former professional wrestler, most known for working with numerous promotions throughout Northern America career such as Ring of Honor, Shimmer, IWA-Mid South, Full Impact Pro, and NWA Midwest. She has also wrestled for Chikara, ChickFight, and was part of Wrestling Society X. As well as managing many wrestlers, she regularly teamed with Rain as the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew (a play on the name of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew) and then with the addition of British wrestler Jetta as the The International Home Wrecking Crew in Shimmer. Lacey is considered one of ROH's Women of Honor, a title taken from the Straight Shootin' shoot interview of the same name she featured in. She also featured on the Wrestling Vixxxens website, and has her own DVD-R edition in the High-Spots Dangerous Divas series.


Lacey graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2004 and shortly thereafter moved out to Philadelphia. After two and a half years on the east coast she moved back to the Midwest. She grew up dancing, and after sixteen years, she took a hiatus to focus primarily on wrestling. She has also been a lifelong equestrian, and owns a horse in Minnesota.


Lacey made her IWA Mid-South debut in November 2, 2002 in a three-way dance that featured Rain but was won by Hailey Hatred, and featured Joel Gertner as guest referee. In late 2003 Lacey and Rain put their kayfabe differences aside and formed a tag team known as The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (a name given to them by booker Dave Prazak). The team proceed to have high profile matches against the team of Daizee Haze and Mickie Knuckles, losing to them on December 20, 2003, but defeating them on May 7, 2004.


In singles competition Lacey had greater success. In February 13, 2004 she Lacey defeated Daizee Haze. In March 6,she emerged the victor in a 6-way dance which featured Rain, Daizee Haze, MsChif, Mickie Knuckles and ODB, a match that received a standing ovation. But Lacey's biggest achievement was winning a 1-night Tournament on May 30 to become the first NWA Midwest Women's Champion. She defeated Tracy Brooks in the first round, beat MsChif in the second, and finally Mercedes Martinez and Daizee Haze in a 3-way dance in the finals. She then made several successful defenses of the belt, defeating Daizee Haze on June 11 and MsChif on June 19 to retain.


On September 17, she lost the title to Mercedes Martinez, ending her 110 day reign as champion. The following night, September 18 she was unsuccessful in winning the title back in a 6-way elimination match which was won by MsChif and featured Rain, Mickie Knuckles, Daizee Haze and Martinez.


Lacey made her ROH debut as part of the Special K faction as a girlfriend in mid 2004. During September up until November Lacey would become involved in arguments and then catfights with fellow Special K valet Becky Bayless, sparked by the factions frequent tag-team losses. On December 4, after the group lost an 8-man tag to a team of ROH students Special K finally broke up as Izzy, Deranged and Lacey turned on Dixie, Angel Dust and Becky Bayless. On December 26 Deranged and Lacey defeated AngelDust and Becky Bayless when Lacey pinned Bayless. Due to Bayless being involved in a car accident she was written out of the story line, and the two groups then entered into a feud over the Special K name with Lacey.


In 2005, as well as wrestling Lacey began a manager and valet role, leading Lacey's Angels of Izzy and Deranged, and now featuring Cheech and Cloudy. On February 19, Lacey defeated Allison Danger. Lacey then participated the three successive four-way matches on back-to-back shows, being pinned on February 25 (won by Daizee Haze, featured Tracy Brooks and Allison Danger), winning on February 26, (featuring Haze, Danger, and Brooks), and losing on March 12 (won by Danger, featured Haze and Cindy Rogers). On June 18 Lacey defeated Cindy Rogers. On August 20 she defeated Sumie Sakai.


On October 1, Lacey announced that after her men had failed to get the wins she wanted a new Lacey's Angels would debut tomorrow night. On October 2, after BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs defeated Izzy & Deranged she fired them and hired Whitmer and Jacobs as her new angels. Lacey would accompany Jacobs and Whitmer to the ring for their tag and singles matches.


On November 5 in a dark match Lacey defeated Sara Del Rey, and in another dark match on November 19 she defeated Allison Danger.


As part of making the new Lacey's Angels into a dominate force, Lacey in particular made continued efforts to turn Jacobs into a serious wrestler away from his previous comical gimmick. This including giving him a 'flashy' ring robe, refusing him to wear furry boots or shout 'Huss' and wear proper ring gear. However, in doing so she had unwittingly made Jacobs fall in love with her, to the point where he was more concerned with winning her heart rather than matches. This created the infamous Ballad of Lacey song and video by Jacobs (which ironically got himself and the storyline over with the fans).


Jacobs' antics began to aggravate BJ Whitmer when it cost them both matches. Whitmer finally turned on Jacobs on January 2006 after losing an ROH Tag Team Championship match against Austin Aries and Roderick Strong when Jacobs spent more attention of Lacey at ringside than the match. Lacey and Jacobs then entered into a feud with Whitmer, based on Lacey ordering Jacobs to put Whitmer out of wrestling. Lacey went as far as offering advice to Christopher Daniels on how to beat Whitmer in a match. This feud was scaled down due to Whitmer's involvement in the ROH Vs CZW storyline.


On March 25, Lacey was involved in a four-way match won by Allison Danger and also featuring Daizee Haze and Mercedes Martinez. On March 30 in a dark match Lacey and Tiana Ringer defeated Allison Danger and Shantelle Taylor. Later on in the night, Lacey acoompanied Jimmy Jacobs, promising that she'd let him give her a foot massage in the locker room if he can "take out" BJ Whitmer. Their match was highlighted by a botched spot when Whitmer was going for a Power-bomb off the top rope and slipped, falling backwards cause Jacobs to hit the ropes and ring apron with the back of his head. The next night, March 31, Lacey took part in a six-way dance that was won my MsChif and featured Cheerleader Melissa, Allison Danger, Daizee Haze, and Rain. Later in the show Lacey accompanied Jimmy Jacobs to the ring for his match, and was unimpressed by his loss and his version of her signature Implant DDT. The following night in a dark match the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew teamed with Cheerleader Melissa in a loss to Allison Danger, Daizee Haze, and MsChif.


On April 22, Jimmy Jacobs made one last attempt to win Lacey's heart in a match with Colt Cabana. Pre-match Lacey gave Jacobs a final ultimatum, demanding that he win or he would never be allowed to talk to her again. Jacobs subsequently lost the match. But the following night Lacey gave the same ultimatum to Jacobs before his 6-way match. Jacobs won the match, making a shocked Lacey proclaim "I can't believe you won.... you NEVER win!".


On June 3 Lacey defeated Allison Danger in a dark match. On June 17 Lacey accompanied a returning Jacobs as he defended her honor. He also wanted to get back at BJ Whitmer for nearly ending his life with a botched top rope power-bomb back at Dragon Gate Invasion. They fought hard for several minutes before the match was stopped after dramatic power-bomb by Whitmer onto Jacobs off the top rope and into the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rows taking out several "planted" fans in the process.


From June onwards, ROH began placing teases and hints that there was a 'romantic' relationship going on between Lacey and Colt Cabana. On August 25, Jacobs confronted Lacey about the rumors and was told to not to listen to them and focus on defeating Homicide tonight and taking out BJ Whitmer tomorrow. Jacobs then lost his match. The following night, August 26, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his match against Whitmer which he won. Post-match she ordered Jacobs to use a chair on Whitmer, which he used to kayfabe break his ankle to take him out of ROH competition for a while.


On September 15 Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his 4-way match against Colt Cabana, Jack Evans, and Ricky Reyes. This match highlighted the relationship between Cabana and Lacey, with Jimmy Jacobs nursing his broken heart on the sidelines. Lacey was in Jimmy's corner, because Cabana has made it clear his relationship with Lacey was personal, as opposed to professional. Cabana made jokes about making it to third base with Lacey in the bushes before the match, which sent Jacobs into a downward spiral of depression. During the match, Lacey kept encouraging Jimmy Jacobs and Cabana to work together, a tease that Lacey was looking to start a new Lacey's Angels with Cabana and Jacobs. The next night, September 16, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his three-way match against Cabana and Christopher Daniels. Lacey kept ordering Jacobs to go after Daniels and leave Cabana alone. It somewhat resembled a handicap match with Cabana and Jacobs working together, and like the previous night in Cabana purposely made Jacobs look ridiculous over and over. Jacobs eventually had enough of being taken advantage of and low-blowed Colt Cabana and finished him off with the Contra-code to win the match. Jacobs thought he had finally won Lacey's heart. However, Lacey was more concerned with Cabana being injured and instead of praising Jacobs, she berated him and further did so during a backstage segment.


On October 6, Lacey accompanied Jacobs and Cabana to the ring for their ROH Tag Team Championship match against champions Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. Pre-match Lacey berated Jacobs, refusing to let use the Ballad of Lacey as entrance music and instead to use Cabana's theme, and refusing to dance with him (but she had no problems dancing with Cabana). The match further teased Jacobs' heartbreak and the relationship between the three. Jacobs and Cabana lost when Jacobs accidentally speared Colt Cabana, resulting in Cabana getting pinned to lose the match. After the match, BJ Whitmer brawled with Jacobs who kicked injured ankle and left. The next night, October 7, Lacey teamed with Allison Danger in a losing effort against Daizee Haze and MsChif. Later in the evening she again accompanied Cabana & Jacobs for their match against Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal which they lost.


On October 28, Lacey accompanied Cabana and Jacobs for their match against Jimmy Rave and Salvatore Rinauro which they won (their first win as a team). Jacobs was overjoyed at winning, assuming he would have made Lacey proud, but once more she berated him as Cabana got the pin. She then offered Cabana a contract to officially join Lacey's Angels. Cabana refused, insulting her and saying he was having sex with Lacey and it was all personal and had no business interest with her. Cabana then told Jacobs to be a man and get away from Lacey who doesn't care about her and come with him. Lacey ordered Jacobs to attack Cabana, but a conflicted Jacobs asked for a hug first, as proof that she did care. Lacey was of course disgusted, and further insulted him. Jacobs thought about leaving, but faked out Cabana by low blowing him with the middle rope as he went to exit the ring. He then attacked Cabana, gouging his eyes with Lacey's high heel shoe before BJ Whitmer ran out to make the save and Lacey and Jacobs fled the scene.

On November 3, the start of what would be a long-running feud between Daizee Haze and Lacey began when Lacey slapped her after her match.


On November 24, Lacey was victorious in a four-way match which involved Daizee Haze, Allison Danger, and Nikki Roxx. Later on she accompanied Jimmy Jacobs as he participated in a gauntlet match, using a low blow to defeat BJ Whitmer before being eliminated by Nigel McGuiness. The following night, November 25, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his match against Whitmer which turned into a bloody brawl when both men busted each other open with Jacobs' railroad spike weapon. Lacey eventually interfered, attacking a weakened Whitmer which brought out Daizee Haze to stop Lacey from interfering and the two brawled.


On December 8, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his match against Colt Cabana. Lacey threw a handful of powder in Cabana's face when he had Jacobs in a submission causing a disqualification. Daizee Haze hit the ring and fought with Lacey until Jacobs speared Haze hard. Brent Albright ran down to the ring and T-bone Suplexed Cabana, in what was later revealed as because Lacey had hired him (as part of his "Gun for Hire" gimmick). Albright and Jacobs held Cabana down while Lacey stomped him the groin. Whitmer then ran down to make the save. The next night, December 9, the show started when Cabana called out Jacobs and the two brawled. Lacey then came out and applied the testicular claw on Cabana until Haze ran down to fight her. Jacobs went after Haze but Whitmer showed up to stop Jacobs from doing damage. This, along with the subsequent appearances of Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Rave, Shingo, Delirious and Nigel McGuinness to set up the main event of the show. Lacey then accompanied Jacobs to the ring as part the main event, pitting Delirious, Whitmer (accompanied by Haze), Cabana, and McGuinness against Danielson, Jacobs, Rave and Shingo. Jacobs introduced his railroad spike weapon to the match, but was cut off by Whitmer. Jacobs then dared Whitmer to hit him with the spike, unaware that behind him Lacey and Haze were arguing. Jacobs ducked and Whitmer inadvertently hit Lacey with the spike. Jacobs then left the match to take Lacey to the back, before returning and getting disqualified for repeatedly smashing a steel chair over Whitmer's ankle. It would be (keyfabe) reported that Lacey would require plastic surgery to repair the damage caused by the spike. Jacobs would change into a more sinister 'emo' character because of the incident, a new video and theme entitled Kiss2Kill to represent this change.


In January 26, 2007, Brent Albright, Jacobs, and Lacey defeated Cabana, Whitmer, and Haze in a No Disqualification match. During the match Haze suffered a huge bump on the upper left part of her forehead when she was thrown hard into a guardrail by Lacey. The match ended when Jacobs put Haze through a table with a Senton and Lacey pinned her. Lacey then taunted Haze, demanding a dollar bill to show Haze what she could expect from her new job, but Haze was saved by Whitmer and Cabana. The following night, January 27, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his Last Man Standing Match against Whitmer which Jacobs won thanks to the hired gun Albright. Later in the evening, Albright and Lacey lost to Cabana and Sara Del Rey who substituted for the injured Haze. But post-match, Haze attacked Lacey.


On February 16, Lacey interfered in Haze's match with Alexa Thatcher against Allison Danger and Sara Del Rey, brawling with Haze to the back which caused Thatcher to be double-teamed and beaten. Later in the evening Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his four-way match which he lost. The following night, February 17, Cabana, Whitmer, and Haze defeated Adam Pearce, Jacobs, and Lacey in a Street Fight. During the match Lacey gave Jacobs her high-heeled shoe to use on Cabana, who used it to hit him in the throat. Later in a backstage segment, Lacey for the first time encouraged Jacobs' actions despite him being pinned in the match, saying she found it "kind of hot". She then whispered something into his ear that she said would be he reward for taking out Whitmer and Cabana, which made Jacobs overjoyed.


On February 23, Lacey accompanied Jacobs and Albright to the ring for their losing effort against Nigel McGuinness and Cabana. Later in the evening Lacey defeated Haze after Jimmy Jacobs interfered and literally speared Haze out of her shoes (which flew into the crowd). The following night, February 24, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his "Windy City Death Match" against Cabana. Early on Lacey tried to interfere, but Haze ran out and brawled with her to the back. Later in the match Lacey returned to attack Cabana again, only to be taken out by his trademark Colt .45 move, before he delivered the same to Jacobs and put Lacey face down on top of him as he pinned him, winning their feud.


On March 30, Lacey and Jacobs defeated Whitmer and Haze. Post-match Lacey said Jacobs finally won her over and she gave him a hug to reward him for a job well done. She then said that she had a lot more for Jacobs If he can take Whitmer out tomorrow night. The following night, March 31, Lacey accompanied Jacobs to the ring for his Steel Cage Match against Whitmer (accompanied by Haze). During the match Lacey tried to interfere but was taken out by a tombstone pile-driver from Whitmer. Jacobs won the match, winning their feud despite injuring himself in the match. At the end of the show, interviewer Becky Bayless found Lacey and Jacobs (still covered in the blood from the match) lying on the floor together backstage. They ignored Bayless' offers to get them a ride to the hospital and Lacey just hugged Jacobs.


On April 27, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs on crutches) defeated Sara Del Rey and Allison Danger. The following night, April 28, Jacobs revealed in a backstage promo that Lacey had promised her one night of ecstasy for taking out Whitmer. Even though he really wanted to do it, he didn't do it. Jimmy said he doesn't want just one night, and scolded the "boys in the back" in the locker-room for their insensitive comments. Jacobs said he loves Lacey and she is close to loving him too, adding that he and Lacey will be together, not because of lust, but because of love.


Following these events, ROH released a four-part video series on YouTube entitled "Jimmy Loves Lacey", documenting Jacobs' attempts to win Lacey over an extended date of four days. Jacobs had mixed results, doing some good things but screwing up at other points. On the final day Lacey took Jacobs into her hotel room, the camera returning to the room 'later' and showing Lacey cuddling Jacobs (who looked conflicted), implying the two had had sex.


The roles had now reversed between the two, with Jacobs seemingly taking control of himself and Lacey now being infatuated with Jacobs, which commentators referred to as 'Lacey Loves Jimmy' (a play on the title if the four-part video series). The feud between Lacey and Daizee Haze had not been settled however. On June 8, Daizee Haze called out Lacey to get some revenge on her. Jacobs came out instead and insulted Haze's challenge which resulted in her attacking him with his own walking cane. Lacey then came out and attacked Haze before checked on Jacobs, who then ordered Lacey "Go get her!". Lacey then destroyed Haze and helped Jacobs walk backstage[48]. The following night, June 9, Lacey (accompanied by Jacobs) fought Haze to a 10-minute time limit draw.


On June 22, Lacey (accompanied by Jacobs) defeated Serena Deeb after interference from Rain. During the match Jacobs blew cigarette smoke into Deeb's face After the match Lacey and Rain started beating up Deeb until Haze made the save. Walking from the ring Lacey showed concern for Jacobs, repeatedly asking him if he was all right. The following night, June 23, at ROH's Driven Pay Per View taping, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (accompanied by Jacobs) defeated MsChif and Haze in a dark match, and once again Lacey was careful to check on Jacobs' condition.


On August 10, Lacey (accompanied by Jacobs) defeated Haze to earn a Shimmer Championship match on the next show. The following night, August 11, Sara Del Rey defeated Lacey to retain the Shimmer Championship.


On September 14, Lacey accompanied Jacobs for his victory over Chris Hero (accompanied by Larry Sweeney, Tank Toland, Sara Del Rey, and Bobby Dempsey). During the match Lacey fought with Del Rey to stop her from interfering to help Hero. Post match, Lacey and Jacobs were criptic when interviewed, stating that the victory tonight didn't meaning anything, and it was all about "What happens next".


On September 15, Lacey accompanied Jacobs, the returning Necro Butcher and the debuting Tyler Black as they violently attacked the Briscoe Brothers at then end of the Man Up Pay Per View taping. They then revealed themselves as a new stable called The Age of the Fall, which Jacobs had stated had come from when he discovered that love didn't save him, shoving Lacey away from him when he said so. But Lacey remained by his side, showing that the opposite was now true and that she loved him. Later on in a dark match, Lacey teamed with Sara Del Rey in a losing effort to Haze and Amazing Kong.


Lacey now assumed a manager role of the group, accompanying all AotF members to their matches and interfering when she could to help them win. As a result, Daizee Haze assumed a counter role to accompany wrestlers fighting AotF so she could stop Lacey from interefering. On October 19, Lacey accompanied Jacobs and Butcher for their Street Fight against The Briscoes, and spent the majority of the match brawling with Haze. On October 21, Lacey and Haze brawled again in the mass brawl that ended the show.


On November 2, Lacey accompanied Jacobs, Butcher, and Black for their victory over Jack Evans, Ruckus, and Jigsaw (accompanied by Julius Smokes). Post match Lacey and Haze brawled once more as part of a mass brawl between factions. The following night, November 3, Lacey accompanied Butcher and Jacobs to the ring for their Street Fight against The Briscoes (accompanied by Haze). Haze and Lacey immediately started brawling and disappeared to the back.


On December 1, Lacey (accompanied by Allison Wonderland) lost to Sara Del Rey in a non-title match. Also on the show she accompanied Black and Jacobs to the ring for their matches.


On December 29, Lacey was pinned in a dark match by Haze in a non-title three-way dance which featured Sara Del Rey. Before and after the match, special guest Tammy Lynn Sytch put over the women for being real wrestlers. Lacey took offense to Sytch being here for being a 'Diva', and proceeded to trade insults with Sytch before threatening to 'kill her'. She was cut off when Haze saved Sytch and sent Lacey packing. The following night, December 30, Lacey accompanied Butcher to the ring for his match against Jack Evans. Near the end of the match Lacey tried to interfere, but was taken out by Mercedez Martinez who joined Evans' Vulture Squad faction. Later in the evening Lacey accompanied Black and Jacobs to their victory for the ROH Tag Team Championship against The Briscoes (accompanied by Haze).


On January 12, 2008, the team of Mark Briscoe, Haze, Jack Evans, and Jigsaw beat Butcher, Black, Jacobs, and Lacey in a Street Fight.


On January 25, Haze defeated Lacey who was accompanied by Jacobs, Black, and Wonderland. Post match the AotF members threatened Daizee Haze until The Briscoes hit the ring to save her, when new AotF member Joey Matthews attacked The Briscoes from behind. On February 23, Lacey along with AotF interfered in a match between Delirious and Human Tornado to attack them. Haze then ran out and the two brawled their way to the back.


On March 14, Lacey accompanied Butcher for his match against Delirious (accompanied by Haze). Later she accompanied Black and Matthews to the ring for their match over The Briscoes.[64] On March 16, Lacey brawled with Haze during a Street Fight between The Briscoes and Butcher and Matthews. Later on during the pay per view broadcast Lacey and Haze brawled once more during the show ending mass brawl.


In the months leading up to ROH's April events, Jacobs had made an open invitation to Austin Aries to join AotF both at ROH events and through YouTube videos and blog. On March 29 after Aries' match Jacobs made the offer to him, and Lacey went to the ring to try to get him to join. Tammy Lynn Sytch came out with a counter offer, but Aries blew them both off making no decision. Lacey then laid out Sytch with the Implant DDT, knocking her out.


On March 29, 2008 Lacey along with Rain accompanied Jacobs and Black for their Relaxed Rules Match against The Briscoes in a Relaxed Rules Match. Later in the show, AotF approached Aries after his match, again making the offer for him to join them. Lacey stepped in, offering to convince Aries who left left the ring with her, a decision which didn't sit well Jacobs. After the event, Jacobs posted a youtube video asking for Lacey to call him as he hadn't heard from her in a while.


On April 18, Lacey appeared after Aries' match, making out with him in the middle of the ring before leaving with him. The following night, April 19, Lacey wrestled in a four-way match against Haze, Ashley Lane and winner MsChif. After the match she was confronted by Jacobs and revealed she was leaving AotF and broke off with him, siding with Austin Aries romantically. Jacobs, heartbroken by Lacey leaving him and the sight of her making out with Aries, broke down in the ring to the chants of "Cry, Jimmy, Cry!" from fans and being covered with streamers along with other signs of a mental breakdown. After the main event Jacobs called out Aries and the two brawled, before Aries was jumped by AotF. Jacobs went to attack Aries with his spike, but he stopped when Lacey begged him not to. Jacobs then comtemplated hitting Lacey with the spike, but again broke down and cried, leaving the ring.


Following the April events, Jacobs posted a YouTube video telling Lacey that she had a week to call him. A week followed, and an e-mail was sent out through the AotF mailing list entitled "You Forced My Hand" which linked to a new YouTube video entitled the same, which only information saying "Requiem of Lacey". The video showed Jacobs confronting Lacey outside an exercise business. The two seemed to argue with Lacey backing off. Then Jacobs produced his spike from his cane before the video cut off. After the video was posted, Lacey was not seen in ROH, Shimmer or anywhere in wrestling and has 'vanished'. On the June 5, 2008 edition of the ROH Video Wire, Austin Aries stated in a sit down interview with Dave Prazak that Lacey would not be returning to Ring of Honor as a result of the Age Of The Fall's ambush. Prazak repeated the statement, saying "Lacey is gone and isn't coming back" in a thread on the official Shimmer Forum.


In August 2008 the Wrestling Observer and many more wrestling news sites confirmed Lacey had quit wrestling to return to school, confirming rumors that the 'ambush' served both to further the feud between Jacobs and Aries, and to write Lacey out of the storyline and ROH completely.


On November 22, 2008 Lacey made her return to both wresting and ROH during its Pay Per View taping. She came out during the I Quit match between Aries and Jacobs, revealing herself to be the second Aries had selected for the match. Lacey acted as if she was going to throw in the towel to save Aries but became conflicted when Aries told her not to. Jacobs brought her into the ring, intending to hit her with his spike weapon but she slapped him. Later in the match she prevented Tyler Black (the second for Jacobs) from throwing in the towel.


On the official Shimmer forum, promotor Dave Prazak stated "Lacey will not be wrestling anywhere any time soon" because of many unnamed reasons, but she may make "appearances".


Lacey became a mainstay of the Shimmer Women Athletes promotion, participating in every taping bar one (Volumes 3 and 4) since its first event until her retirement. On November 6, 2005, as part of Volume 1 she lost to Daizee Haze in the main event. Later on, as part of Volume 2, Lacey lost in a four-way that involved Mercedes Martinez, Haze, and winner Sara Del Rey.


On May 21, 2006, as part of Volume 5, Lacey lost to Nikita. Later on, as part of Volume 6, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew defeated the team of Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez, a match created after a backstage confrontation between Lacey, Del Rey, and Martinez on Volume 5.


On October 22, as part of the Volume 7 tapings, Lacey attempted to interfere in Rain's match with MsChif, but it backfired when Cheerleader Melissa (who Lacey had barged past to get to the ring) pulled Lacey off the apron, allowing the referee to see Rain using a chain to hit MsChif with. Lacey would then lose to Nikki Roxx as part of Volume 7. After the main event, Rain and Lacey attacked Melissa in retaliation for costing Rain her match, until MsChif ran them off. Lacey and Rain then challenged them to face them in a tag match. Later, as part of Volume 8, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew defeated the team of Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif in the main event.


On April 7, as part of the Volume 9 taping Lacey defeated Serena Deeb. Later, as part of Volume 10, Lacey lost to Cheerleader Melissa.


On June 1, Lacey took part in the Shimmer Title Tournament. On Volume 11 she defeated Eden Black in the first round, and Nikki Roxx in the second round. The following night, June 2, she defeated Haze in the semi final, but ultimately lost to Sara Del Rey in the finals. During the match Rain unsuccessfully tried to interfere to help Lacey win, and was run off by Roxx and Allison Danger. Later on as part of Volume 13 The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew suffered their first loss as a team in Shimmer, losing to Sara Del Rey and Nikki Roxx in the main event.


On July 1, Lacey would lose her rematch with Del Rey for the Shimmer Championship in the main event on Volume 14.


On October 13, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew defeated the team of "The Portuguese Princess" Ariel and Josie on Volume 15. Later in the evening on Volume 16 they teamed with 'honorary home wrecker' Jetta in a six-woman tag-team match to take on Daizee Haze, Eden Black, and MsChif. Jetta would lose the match for her team, taking the pin from Daizee Haze.[73] After the taping the trio made it known that they now were The International Home Wrecking Crew but Lacey and Rain would still go by the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew name when they teamed together.


On April 26, 2008 Lacey lost to Sarah Stock as part of the Volume 17 taping. Later in the evening as part of Volume 18 The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew would suffer an upset loss to the team of Ashley Lane and Nevaeh. This would also mark the end of The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew as a team, as after the event Lacey retired from wrestling, making this Lacey's final match in wrestling.


On May 2, 2009, at the tapings of Volume 23 Lacey made her comeback to Shimmer when she was announced as the new manager of Rain and Jetta.


In Full Impact Pro, Lacey debuted in a loss to Allison Danger on September 8, 2006. She instantly started in an association The Heartbreak Express tag-team and So Cal Val, assuming a managerial role. The following night Lacey teamed with Heartbreak Express to defeat Black Market and Danger, winning Express the FIP Tag Team Championship.

On December 15, Lacey managed Larry Sweeney in his match against Jerrelle Clark. Lacey (with Sweeney ringside) then defeated Allison Danger with thanks to Express member Sean Davis. Later Lacey accompanied The Express for their Cage of Pain match against Black Market. The following night Lacey again accompanied Sweeney for his match.


On May 25, 2007, when she turned on The Express and joined The YRR (Young, Rich, and Ready for action) stable. She then served a managerial role to the male members alongside Rain, Becky Bayless, and So Cal Val.


On June 29, Lacey (accompanied by Rain) won a four-way dance over Sara Del Rey, Allison Danger, and Daizee Haze. The following night, June 30, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew teamed with Amazing Kong to defeat Del Rey, Danger, and Haze in a six-woman tag team match.


On September 28, Lacey won a three-way dance over Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze thanks to interference from Rain. The following night, September 29, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew lost to Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze.


On February 16, 2008 at FIP's Redefined event, Lacey and Rain (wrestling as The YRR as apposed to using the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew name) defeated Allison Danger and Trenesha. This was the only time the two teamed in a match in FIP. Later in the night as part of storyline merging between ROH and FIP, Lacey turned on The YRR and remained loyal to Age of the Fall when lured by Tyler Black. Lacey then convinced Rain to also leave The YRR and join AotF, which she did. The two then accompanied Black and AotF members to the ring for their match, and accompanied them at future FIP events until Lacey's retirement where Rain remained in the same role.
Wrestling Society X


Lacey was part of the short-lived MTV series Wrestling Society X. She was both a backstage correspondent and co-hosted WSX's Internet show called WSXtra alongside Fabian Kaelen.


Lacey made appearances in Women's Extreme Wrestling. On April 6, 2006, Lacey lost to Jazz. Later in the evening Lacey and Rain, wrestling as The Hot Home Wreckers defeated Shantelle Taylor and Pussy Willow. On May 5, 2007 Lacey and Rain lost to Annie Social and Sumie Sakai in a match to crown new WEW Tag Team Champions.


As of 2012 Lacey was officially accepted for a scholarship for a PhD program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, China.


On October 11, 2015, Lacey made a one-night return to wrestling during Shimmer's tenth anniversary weekend, when she took part in Portia Perez's retirement match, where she, Perez, Kimber Lee and Nicole Matthews were defeated by Daizee Haze, Kellie Skater, Lexie Fyfe and Madison Eagles.


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