The Interactive Interview is a revolutionary concept in the world of broadcasting. While we always can be considered the wave

of the future, we really should be this week as we present "The Show of the Future" with guests Frankie Kazarian and the

new NWA TNA X Division Champion, Chris Sabin.

This is Chris Sabin's first in depth interview since re-capturing the X title just a one day prior in Ultimate X2. We also catch

up with Frankie Kazarian and get his take on the initial Ultimate X match.

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    -- Chris says he is sore after the Ultimate X2 match. His back is sore but otherwise he feels good.

    -- "I didn't think it was ever going to come down," said Sabin about the X belt from the match mentioned above. He added, "I had a death grip on that thing. There was no way I was coming down without it."

    -- The last Ultimate X match saw 2 pauses in order to put the belt back up in the cross of the X. To avoid this happening again, they put electrical tape on the belt. "Electrical tape isn't that strong. I guess they assumed if I hung from it, it'd break, " said Sabin. It took a good 5 to 10 seconds to break.

    -- Sabin has been a wrestling fan for as long as he can remember. Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior were his two favorites as a kid. Later, Bret Hart became his favorite. In later years and to this day, Dean Malenko is his favorite.

    -- Growing up, Sabin always wanted to be a wrestler. It was always his dream and he followed it.

    -- Sabin played soccer, ran track, and wrestled in school.

    -- Sabin had trained at a school for a stint but it ended up folding. He was refereed to Scott D'Amore who finished up his training.

    -- When asked about his first match, he says "the only thing I can really recall is how nervous I was."

    -- Sabin has been wrestling just over 3 years."

    -- Sabin was the NWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion. Other than winning the belt, Sabin shares little by way of memory of holding that title. "The company kind of stopped running shows," said Sabin. James and Dan then proclaim that Sabin is indeed still the NWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion!

    -- In the eyes of the fans, Sabin wants to be considered a cruiserweight. "It's always been considered a curse to be a cruiserweight," said Sabin. But, he does not feel he is big enough to be considered a heavyweight.

    -- Daniel then asks Sabin his take on the WWE's attitude towards cruiserweights. "The two examples I can give you are Paul London and Spanky who are two of the best wrestlers North America has to offer and they're not even getting used on TV. I don't really know how everything is run there, but I can give you that as an example," said Sabin.

    -- Sabin would not entertain an offer from the WWE right now due to a long-term contract with NWA TNA. But, he would certainly like to go there in the future. "It's hard to turn your back on something you grew up watching. It's hard to turn your back on something you wanted to do since you were a kid. So, I would consider it," Sabin said.

    -- The XWF tag titles that Sabin held is not the same XWF that Jimmy Hart ran and operated. "It was a small promotion here in Michigan," said Sabin.

    -- Everybody is "cool" backstage at TNA. "As it went on, everyone became just like a family," Sabin said.

    -- He loved being given the X title the first time. He also loved being put in an angle by joining SEX. He does say he wishes he could have faced Red one on one, though.

    -- The WWA tour was something he looks back upon fondly. "They hadn't had wrestling in New Zealand in many years so the crowd was really into what we were doing, plus, it was my first time in front of a really big crowd," said Sabin. He feels the match with Jerry Lynn, Johnny Swinger, and Frankie Kazarian that made it on the pay per view may have been his best match to date.

    -- When asked about Vince Russo, Sabin says, "I really don't have anything bad to say about him. A lot of people do, I don't."

    -- "The first time we actually got to hang up there was when the match actually started," said Sabin when asked for his thoughts on the original Ultimate X match. Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, and Sabin himself were flown in early to prepare for the match. They had poles rather than the giant lighting grids that you saw in both Ultimate X matches. Kazarian reached up to hang from one of the wires and the pile it was attached to bent in. "Everybody was freaking out," said Sabin. But, it turned out to be good in his opinion.

    -- The Interactive Interview is the very first to bring you Chris Sabin since his Ultimate X2 victory capturing the X title, as said directly to us by Sabin himself, just like we were first to bring you Michael Shane after his win in the original Ultimate X match.

    -- A ring announcer at a Michigan show kept calling Sabin "The Future." On the website promoting upcoming shows, he'd advertise "The Future" Chris Sabin. Sabin liked the name and it ended up sticking.

    -- When asked about the Super X tournament, Sabin said, "That was one of the best things I've done in my career." He added, "Being able to work with Juventud

    was really cool. I'm not that old. I mean, I'm only 21. So, I remember sitting in high school watching WCW Nitro and seeing Juventud on there. Just to be able to wrestle him was really cool."

    -- When asked about Ring of Honor, "I always enjoy working for them. The fans there are great because they always appreciate wrestling ... Wrestling more than anything else."

    -- Sabin was not at the Ring of Honor show when the Teddy Hart incident discussed heavily on The Interactive Interview took place. He says, "I wish I was just so I could have seen what happened."

    -- When you listen to the audio, you can also hear Sabin's upcoming events calendar read on the air. Download the audio at

    -- is up and running. You can keep up with the latest in Chris Sabin's career. You can also book him for shows through that site or at

    -- James asks, "If you were to put together a "Best of Chris Sabin" video, what would be on the tape?" Sabin says one of his matches with Truth Martini would be on the tape. Also, his match with AJ Styles from IWC a month and a half ago would make the tape as well as his match with Kazarian from the Super X tournament, his TNA match with Paul London, and the 4 way dance with Jerry Lynn, Johnny Swinger, and Frankie Kazarian at the WA tour would as well.

    We then do "Word Associations" with names like Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, Trinity, Michael Shane, Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, and many more!