Show: 3 Count Wrestling
Guest: "Terri Gold" Heather Lee Battey
Date: 4/16/06
Your Hosts: Brian Luquette & Chris Furguson

She was the first ever WOW Women of Wrestling World Champion and she still is a "Perfect 10" in my book!

Get up close and personal with one of the stars of the now defunct WOW promotion and find out how the company came to be and if

she thinks another one could come around like it!

All this plus the typical Brian, James, and Chris ramblings that have made 3 Count Wrestling a favorite over at the Wrestling Epicenter!


(Interview Conducted by Chris Furguson, Brian Luquette and James Walsh)

Terri Gold's introduction at the "WOW Unleashed" pay-per-view leads us into the the interview, already in progress, with Heather Lee Battey, the former WOW Champion "Terri Gold."

Chris talks about "Tanja, the Warrior Woman," which was the cheesiest WOW gimmick in his opinion, but Heather defends the gimmick, saying the girl got plenty of fan support via the website.

Heather also received plenty of marriage proposals, including several from a Arabian gentleman who repeatedly asked her to marry him. She has never had any stalkers,

Heather looks the same as she did back then, only with longer hair. People also recognize her on the street, which sometimes f

The next topic is the first WOW show, where she lost a match against "Jungle Grrrl" (Erica Porter), but wound up winning the WOW championship later that show. Heather was really happy, because her family had flown out to see her. She was also pleased to be given a match against Jungle Grrrl, someone she was comfortable with.

Heather says she and the girls had the feeling that the WOW Unleashed PPV would make or break the company, going in. Unfortunately, it broke them.

Heather confirms that Gene Simmons was supposed to relaunch WOW, and even with with him, as well as another supposed launch later, but they never materialized. Heather is unsure she would want to get back to wrestling as she's starting a family and has her line of fitness wear.

Heather's first match was the first WOW TV show, but she wasn't nervous about performing in front of the crowd, as she had performed in fitness competitions for 8 years and it was no big deal for her.

There was interest from the WWE, but Heather didn't want to be one of "those girls."

Erica and David McLane are the only two people from WOW Heather keeps in touch with, and she puts David over as helping her with her fitness wear company.

There wasn't much bickering backstage, much to Brian's chagrin!

Heather's company, "Spiritual Fitness Wear" is "clothing for mind, body and spirit," and makes positive sloganed shirts. They can be found at

After the contractual obligatory mention of Francine and the infighting with the girls in ECW, Heather explains that the girls in WOW did their thing and left, and if there was any fighting, she didn't know about it.

With the proper funding and time, Heather thinks an all-woman's wrestling promotion could work in the United States.

Heather is told a story about how a couple of wrestlers in the WCW locker room would run around singing the "Patti Pizzaz" song.

Before the Word Associations, James talks about interviewing Hogan, Heather meeting Chyna, and the latest season of the "Surreal Life," and mentioning that she has a victory in the fitness world against Torrie Wilson.

Word Associations:

Erica Porter: "This is too much. She's moved away from me, so I'm sad."

Madusa: "MADUSA?!? Who the hell is Madusa?"

"Danger" Elle Alexander: "Crazy. She's crazy"

"Riot" April Littlejohn: "Freakin' ball of thunder." She then explains that they got tattoos together.

"Stagger" Lee Marshall: "I don't remember." James then explains that Marshall is now the voice of "Tony the Tiger."

Bobby Heenan - "I didn't like him." She explains that Bobby was a little chauvanistic

David McLane - "David is a character. A wonderful character."

Bruce Battey (her husband) - "Love of my life." She then goes into her attempts into starting a family, how David McLane still has all the WOW costumes!

Heather gives a plug for her website,, as well as plugs for 3 Count Wrestling and the Weekend Warriors of Wrestling. Heather also explains that she is a Buddhist, and her company's philosophy fits her personal beliefs.

After doing the Weekend Warriors of Wrestling, on one take, they talk about DDP's "Yoga for Regular Guys" and a book that Heather is writing.