Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Todd Keneley
Date: 1/26/14
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

The Road to WrestleMania 30 begins today. Helping us kick off that ride through to WrestleMania is someone we had on the show in May of 2013 as he approached his final event with Impact Wrestling, Todd Keneley. The former TNA announcer and present Championship Wrestling from Hollywood announcer stops on by to discuss his departure from TNA, working with Matt Striker in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and we even talk a little football and Royal Rumble as a topical discussion.

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On leaving TNA: Todd says he was told he was leaving not long before Slammiversary went on the air. He went in knowing it was his last show there for this run. He made an effort to not let it show that he was upset and to do the best job possible.


On the Taryn Terrell/Gail Kim match he called that night: Todd says he had heard that it was considered a great match even up in the WWE. He thinks it was a great match and was glad he was able to say he called it.


On Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: Todd says he called UPW in California and had been calling Championship Wrestling from Hollywood leading up to his TNA run. When his TNA run ended, he returned and got given a standing ovation upon his return. He says it was a great moment in his career.


On the WWE Network: Todd says if he had access to 24/7 wrestling when he was a kid, he'd be 500 pounds and never have left his house because he'd have no reason to. He thinks it is a wonderful concept and is excited to see how it plays out.


On the Broncos/Seahawks Super Bowl: Todd says despite Pete Carroll's connection to his college football days, he is picking the Denver Broncos to win the Big Game.