Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Al Snow
Date: 4/21/08
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh
Special Contributor: Nick "Griffin" Noel

What an interview! Former WWE/ECW superstar Al Snow stops by and really gives an education on pro wrestling, training,

and the problem facing the business and the trainees of today. This one gets really real, and really in depth. Thinking about

becoming a wrestler? Are you already an indy wrestler? Consider yourself a wrestling insider? Hell, even if you think you're

a "smart mark", you will learn a thing or two by listening to Al educate in this sensational interview.

Everything from the above mentioned topic to Chris Benoit to politics and the future of pro wrestling plus how he met his

fiance "Bobcat" now known as Pussy Willow in WEW.

This one isn't one to miss. So, tune in and listen!




- The interview begins with Al Snow talking about his current situation. Heýs no longer with the WWE, but heýs got lots of other things he wants to do and his wrestling career is ýnot totally over yetý as heýs done some independent shows and heýs not opposed to going back to WWE or even TNA.

- He is very thankful for his run in the WWE and says it was a compliment that they kept him on the roster as long as they did. He says at the time of his run, he was his own worst enemy and didnýt see some of the chances he had that were there. But he is also enjoying the free time he has now and he has plenty of opportunities now, and thanks to his time with WWE.

- When asked about TNA, he says that he hopes it succeeds as competition for the WWE will benefit everybody involved. As for whether or not heýll ever go there, he says ýWho knows?ý and then explains that he is loyal to the WWE, but his primary loyalty is to his family, and if the situation was right, he would consider going to TNA.

- When asked about all the Reality shows that are similar to Tough Enough, he says that its flattering and points out that a lot of the popular Reality shows like Ultimate Fighter, Top Model, and The Apprentice are very similar to Tough Enough in the way its used.

- He doesnýt know why the format for Tough Enough was changed in its last incarnation, but he has some speculation about it. He doesnýt want to state the speculations feeling that if he doesnýt have an informed opinion about it and says that the media likes to take stated speculations and blow it out of proportions.

- This leads into a very interesting conversation regarding the Benoit situation and how people seemed to think that wrestling was the reason for what happened which allows for people to disassociate themselves from the tragedy and not worry about it ever happening (for example, the Columbine Kids being linked to Marilyn Manson)

- When asked about why the Benoit thing was blown up in the news so much because quite simply ýit was a sexy storyý and ultimately the news is a TV show that has to get high ratings.

- His opinion on Benoit being erased from WWE history is that itýs Vinceýs company and he is responsible for him, his family, and the 1000s of people that work for him and he has to do what he think is right for his entire company.

- With young stars being trained, Al Snow says that there are a lot of newer talents who do moves when they donýt make sense. Snow says that when he got into the business, it was very hard to get in, but it isnýt now. Al then gives a great explanation for why wrestlers shake hands. He broke in during the territory days and the handshake was a standard thing. He says that the reason is because the wrestlers understood that everybody was dependent on everybody and how every decision you make could affect the entire territory. Nowadays, he feels that anybody can break in now and not be held accountable, and they arenýt as committed to training.

- Snow then says that the definition of a great worker is not to entertain, but to convince (or con, as Al says) the crowd that itýs a real fight and get people to get sucked into the fantasy, similar to what is done in movies (he cites Spider-Man as an example. Listen for the quote on this one)

- When talking about making moves important in wrestling, he says moves are done for two reasons: 1) To win a match & 2) To not lose a match. He says it makes no sense to do an amazing move and then pick the guy back up.

- He then says that Vince is often said to be the reason for the degradation of the business because he ended the territories, but Al blames it on the creation of The Monster Factory training facilities that were licensed all over the country. As it was spread out, it became guys with less and less experience running these places and training guys.

- He also feels that the wrestlers donýt take as much pride in their look today. He says that all wrestlers should look like they make a living off of athletics (not necessarily through size, body type, or size)

- He also says that some guys donýt realize the money that is spent on TV time and advertisement, and the promoters want that money back and the wrestlers should work to try make the most of their opportunities.

- The New ECW from WWE is brought up and Al says that the decisions for running it is Vinceýs and its going to have a different direction as Vince is different from Paul. He also says that at the end of the day, no matter what or how its done, the point of wrestling is the same in all promotions: to sell worked prize fights.

- Snow then talks about how he got together with his fiancý Bobcat, and says that they first met years ago, but didnýt really hit it off until Al met up with her again on the Indy scene. When asked if heýll ever make an appearance in WEW, he jokingly states that he wonýt go there because ýthose girls are crazy!ý

- He then talks about one of his custom bikes and he talks about how he loves riding it.

- When asked if heýll ever write a book, he says that heýs got a lot of great stories and wrestling is the greatest business in the world, but heýs not sure if he feels it will all translate well to a book.

- Al Snow loved all of his characters that he ever played and enjoyed doing them all. ýIf it got me in front of the audience and got me doing what I loved to do, then I didnýt care what they did [with me]ý

- He then talks about how he feels some people take wrestling way too seriously, and he quotes Joey Matthews saying that we take two men in their underwear and have them pretend to fight each other, and he doesnýt understand why so many people take it seriously.

- Snow is then asked about some films that heýs done including Still Life, and he says he likes it, but it doesnýt hold a candle to wrestling in his eyes.

- In another funny part of the interview, James then brings up Francineýs story about wanting to wash Headýs hair. Snow says immediately ýyou canýt do thatý And his reasoning is that after all his years in wrestling, it wasnýt him the fans were chanting for, it was Head, and he didnýt want to Head to start looking better than him.

- Snow is then asked about some of his wacky phone messages, specifically an imitation of Quagmire (which unfortunately turned out not to be him).

- The discussion goes back to the handshake tradition, he says that young guys do the handshake, but they donýt know why they are doing it. He then talks about things like guys showing up and wanting to have the greatest match on the card, to which he says ýyou shouldnýt try to have the best match, you should try to have the match that sells the most ticketsý and then says that it comes from a desire to impress the people that write reviews. He says the fans that do write reviews and do star ratings mean well, but they donýt know what makes a match great as theyýve never been wrestlers themselves, and the wrestlers should be aware that they are the ones that run the show, not the fans.

- The interview ends with James complimenting Al on one of his favorite matches which was his match with Shane Douglas at Wrestlepalooza 1998.