This week on TII, we bring you yet another double-header. As our live broadcasts have been MIA due to the station's

renovations, we've had a ton of fantastic interviews to report. So, we're offering you 2 different audio shows to make up for

our lack of live broadcasts. But, don't panic, we return LIVE on Tuesday, May 31 at 7 p.m. MST (1- p.m. EST) on "The Blaze"

1260 AM with a major superstar interview as well as your opportunity to win tickets to check out RAW on Monday, June 20 at

America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona as well as your chance to win tickets to check out one of my all-time favorite

bands Whitesnake at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on June 30! Who said the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection was ONLY

a cartoon show?

The two shows you can listen to now are two very different shows. One includes an interview with WWE Hall of Famer "Mouth

of the South" Jimmy Hart. The other contains an interview with WWE Tough Enough Coach and WWE superstar Al Snow.

You're going to want to check these interviews out as Erik Clancy, Chuck D, and James Walsh deliver the goods like no other!

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-- Next Joel who created the film "The Still Life" joins the show along with WWE superstar Al Snow.

-- Al is doing great. He says his schedule is incredibly hectic right now but he's having fun running the WWE developmental territory and is looking forward to the ECW show. He also can't wait to see how this upcoming movie "The Still Life" will look when put together.

-- Joel says the movie is really interesting. It is about an art gallery and features a lot of colorful characters such as Al Snow who makes an appearance with the famous Head. Chuck mentions being happy to hear that the Head is back. Al laughs and says everybody loves Head, he says Head is so popular, there is an entire industry based on it. Chuck says, "Indeed! It's called pornography." Al says, "That could be!"

-- Another colorful character in the movie is Kato Kalen who most may remember from the OJ Simpson trial.

-- The objective of the movie for now is to get it shown at the Sundance Film Festival. There are distribution companies interested in putting it out as well.

-- Al is looking forward to the ECW show big time. He feels it is a great chance for fans to experience what ECW is really about and to feel that attitude once again.

-- James jumps at the previous point and asks if a rebellious product can truly stem from the funding of the #1 wrestling company in the world. Al says he thinks it can because that rebellion is in the hearts of the guys that worked for ECW. He feels the guys now want to show everybody that they were more than just this or just that but a product that had incredible passion and was incredible.

-- One of the topics that is discussed is if guys like Simon Dean coming out as Nova will work. Al thinks it will because for that night, they can ditch the gimmicks and show what they are inside and were with ECW.

-- At this point, Al isn't sure in what format he'll be involved in the show. He was told initially he'd be wrestling but now there is talk of him doing commentary. He'd rather perform in the ring because he thinks it will be something special.

-- Chuck asks about some of the guys from Tough Enough and if he feels they've lived up to his hopes. Al says he has high hopes for a lot of the guys that made it through Tough Enough and says it will take time for some to find their thing. He mentions that Steve Austin wasn't "Stone Cold" right away, it took years to find what made him connect to the fans. For Hogan, he was a Bolder Brother before he came up with Hulkamania. So, time will tell how everybody turns out and if they can make that connection to the audience.

-- Al thinks Tough Enough is best served as its own show and not a part of Smackdown. He enjoyed both but thinks it was critically acclaimed as an individual show and that is what it probably should be.

-- Al feels the Internet has both helped and hurt the wrestling business. It's hurt the business because people give it too much credit. Al feels wrestling is somewhat aimed towards "Mr. and Mrs. Wall-Mart" and that audience doesn't exactly have a ton of Internet access. But, he feels it's helped because it's allowed fans that already appreciated the business to understand and appreciate more than before.

-- James jumps at the Wall-Mart mention and asks his take on why his action figures were pulled from the shelves in 1999. "That is a statement about this whole country because unfortunately this country's become a society of victims. We believe the majority rules but in reality, the minority does." Al then tells the story about how a few Communications professors saw the doll in the store and made assumptions without knowing the facts. They stated that the doll was a springboard to children beating and beheading their wives and daughters and Wall-Mart buckled under the threats. Al says it's funny that a head that was never named a female or a male would tick off professors who should know better yet you can still buy guns and ammunition at Wall-Mart and, one week after his action figure was pulled, Wall-Mart began selling the Sleepy Hallow dolls which included a head with a bloody stump. Go figure. He then compares this to the Salem Witch Trials.

-- Chuck offers Al the opportunity to make this his public forum to take shots at Mick Foley since Foley takes so many shots at him in his book. Al says he loves Mick Foley and doesn't take shots at him but says, "Mick's a very talented writer. But, if he hadn't taken the time to take shots at me throughout the book, Mick's life story would be much like his penis and be a short one."

-- Check out the movie The Still Life coming soon!