Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest(s): Al Snow & "Simon Dean" Nova
Date: 6/4/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel

We're in June! Just a few short weeks away from the biggest ECW reunion show of all time, Legends of the Arena taking place at

the building where it indeed did all start in South Philadelphia, PA! Check out and for event and ticket information. To celebrate, and to help get the word out about the before

mentioned event, we welcome two ECW originals who performed in that arena and really came into their own in front of that

arena's fans.

First, Al Snow joins us. Every single time Al is on our show, he gives an education on wrestling with an intelligent presentation

citing not only modern examples but how history got us to this point. In other words, Al Snow simply gets it. And, if you think you do,

maybe you should listen to this interview because he may teach you a thing or two!

Then, "Simon Dean" Nova does a very rare interview with us that was recorded the night before... It went so long, we have cut it into two parts! Nova has said that he doesn't like to do many of these because normally the hosts have an agenda or act as though they know more than the guest. But, since we came highly praised by the "Queen of Extreme" Francine, we scored an interview that I can't tell you how proud we are to bring the wrestling community... From working at a fast food restaurant while cutting his teeth on national TV in ECW to being one of the most hated superstars in the WWE to being involved in talent relations, Nova has seen the business from every angle. This interview gives you the chance to hear all about the backstage aspects of the business as well as what makes for great characters. Simply put, this interview is an education. And, it is a freaking blast too! Again, we are so happy to be able to bring this to the wrestling community and we sincerely hope everyone will listen not to make us feel like we're stars but because the viewpoints expressed simply are worth hearing!

All this plus a little wrestling banter about the release of Mr. Kennedy and more!

Don't miss out, tune in to this one!




- Our fourth interview with Al Snow at the Epicenter begins with him jokingly voicing his distaste for our choice in sound effects for the intro

- He plugs his appearance on Francine’s “Legends of the Arena” event which will reunite the stars of the original ECW while also raising money for the American Cancer Society. Snow talks about what a great cause this is and talks about how close it hits home for him since he lost both his sister & his father to cancer.

- He also says that it will get to be a treat to go back to the original ECW Arena & reunite with a lot of the guys he worked with back then.. He really hopes that the ECW Faithful comes out in support and the show is a success.

- What makes the ECW Arena so special to Al is that it was the home of a unique product that had a passionate fan base that was dedicated to a bunch of hard workers and eventually built ECW up to being one of the largest wrestling promotions in the world.

- When asked if the spirit of ECW can be duplicated, he thinks it can be and its just a matter of finding something big to promote and to give the fans something to be excited about. He specifically mentions examples from the territory days (The Von Erich family for example) that gives the fans something to be excited about.

- He is asked his opinions on TNA Wrestling, and Al admits that he’s not a part of the company and doesn’t watch regularly, so he can’t really make an educated opinion on the quality of the product. When asked about his one night with the company, he did expect to be used again at least on the TV tapings, but after a few short meetings they didn’t have any plans for him and he hasn’t been contacted for a few months. He isn’t sure what happened & just assumes they didn’t have plans for him. He has no problems with TNA and he hopes they succeed.

- Al then talks about the ECW influence on wrestling today and says that it has had its bad & good effects on wrestling and you can see the effects today.

- When asked about the WWE’s version of ECW, he says that its Vince McMahon’s vision, not Paul Heyman’s. He mentions how the territories all felt different because they were all run by different people, and Vince is only presenting the product the way he normally does to appeal to as large an audience as possible.

- Our second guest on the show was Nova, and Snow talks about a lot of the ribs that they used to pull on each other. He says that eventually they stopped because Snow was scaring Nova’s parents and Nova scared Snow’s wife at the time. He talks about one incident where his wife got a call about Al appearing on the Jerry Springer Show.

- Questions from the forums come in and ask about Pepper & Pierre the Deer Head. He says that a lot of people still remember Pepper the Dog. He jokingly admits that Pepper didn’t taste very good. He also says that he really liked Pierre.

- He is also asked about the Euro Title reign where he would dress up to represent a different European country every time he came out. He says that he felt like it was silly, but decided to go all the way with the goofiness and is surprised at how many people remember it fondly.

- Erik calls into the show and asks Al about his short feud with The Rock. Al says that he really enjoyed the feud and puts Rock over as a great guy. He says it probably would have gone on longer but Al admits a mistake he made where Rock entered the Royal Rumble and Al ignored him instead of attacking him. He looks back on it now and says it was a bad mistake and it cut the feud short.

- He has other projects outside of wrestling at this time and he specifically mentions a horror movie involving Midget Vampires called “Ankle-Biters”

- Next, the interview takes a philosophical turn as the hosts begin to ask Al about the psychology of professional wrestling. The first topic is Tag Team Wrestling, and Al says a big problem with it today is that a lot of guys work it as “Two Singles Matches” and the guys only take turns to do spots rather than working together as a cohesive unit to get over the importance of teamwork & tagging in and out.

- Al then gets into a great discussion about the psychology of winning & losing and how all matches should be worked as two guys trying to win a match, not two guys trying to beat each other up. He makes up the example of a “Dildo on a Pole Match” where the object is to climb up the pole, grab the dildo, then use it as a weapon. Al says that the second the bell rings, both guys should try to get up the pole, but what tends to happen nowadays is that you’ll see the guys wrestle for a long time before trying to get up the pole, which takes away from the point of the match. In a regular match, the win is obtained on the mat and the object should be to try and take your opponent down to the mat and keep him down for the win.

- He says that when wrestlers put a match together, the only limitations are in their own creativity and imagination, but unfortunately a lot of the matches come off looking the same. Erik brings up the point about wrestlers believing that they need to follow a set of rules & traditions, and Al Snow agrees. This also leads into a discussion of building up heat for heels & the reasons for picking the right times for guys to win or lose and he says that those decisions need to be made as if looking from the perspective of the fans.

- Snow then says that the only thing that is fake about wrestling is the ending, who wins & who loses. The point is to make the fans believe that it is important for guys to win or lose. He once again states that today it is more about beating each other up, and as a result, nothing has consequences.

- When talking about making big bumps matter (specific example of John Cena coming back the next night after getting slammed through a Spotlight) He says that WWE is probably worried about taking a top star off of TV for an extended amount of time, but he feels that it would probably build more drama for the show if they were to have those big bumps matter.

- Al Snow talks about how Wrestling Critics have impacted wrestling by making the wrestlers think about trying to put on the best match rather than working to put on a show that sells the most tickets. He doesn’t have a problem with fans critiquing, but feels that too many wrestlers think too much of what they think rather than trying to do things the right way. Al then tells a story about an experience he had at an Indy show where a majority of the wrestlers were concerned about pleasing a critic who posts on the internet in attendance named Jeffie. Al later found out that Jeffie was a 13 year old boy.

- Snow says that this mindset with wrestlers started with Wrestlemania III mainly because of the differences between Hogan vs. Andre & Steamboat vs. Savage. Snow says that Savage/Steamboat was a great match, but says that it was Hogan/Andre that filled the venue with 93,000 fans. And this leads into a discussion about how emotional attachment to the match matters more than technical ability.

- Andres calls in and is then asked about the psychology that goes into Japanese wrestling. He says its still about winning and losing, but the difference between Japan & the States is that many Japanese fans “played” judo, and we familiar with the mechanics of getting thrown to the mat, having to tap out, and as such, they can relate more to the action in the ring.

- Al Snow says that there will always be people that say wrestling is fake, specifically mentioning the analogy that some people use: the ring being like a trampoline, and says that there is no reason to make people think the action is real if they already think the ring is fake. He says that the true selling point of wrestling is the conflict and the characters that are involved in it, which is similar to movies, plays, and other art forms.

- On a final note, Al says that he loves professional wrestling, saying that he was basically paid to be on vacation for his entire career. We then get a final plug for the Legends of the Arena event where Al will be facing his old rival Shane Douglas.